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21-04-2012 new version from

  My Autoplayr version 10


Powe AutoPlay Menu Creator  Awards





Certified By
















New Features in version 10 (Released 21-04-2012)


CD Key Generator

CD Key Generator designed to help you protect your applications by serial key registration. Just in a few clicks you are able to generate serial keys
Generate random alpha, numeric, or both, CD keys for software distribution and registration
You can save Key List into a text file for later use.


Publish to USB Flash drive


Metro Object



You can change application executable file



New Features in version 9.5 (Released 11-05-2011)




Snap Controls to Grid



Cool Test



Button Creator




Registry Actions

(Create / Delete Key and Create / Delete Value)


Add Command line to Open / Run file Action


More Templates (32 Templates)


Multi Languages


Fixed some bugs




New Features in version 9.2  (Released 23-09-2010) important upgrade for windows7/Vista:


Fixed problem (windows7/Vista): when you select SAVE AND TEST the following occurs in a windows popup message.

My Autoplay Runtime Engine has stopped working, windows is checking for a solution
to the problem.


Also you should upgrade Run-Time files in your previous projects, please copy all files from "C:\Program Files\Arafasoft\My Autoplay 9.0 Pro\Backup files" to your old projects folder and accept to replacement.



New Features in version 9  (Released 10-06-2010)


Please see My Autoplay Examples Created in less then 10 minutes




PDF Object

The PDF object lets you display a PDF File (*.pdf) on the page or dialog, just like it would appear in the Adobe Reader application or web browser. 

Download example




Popup Menu


The Popup Menu is an intuitive and easy to use, yet extremely powerful feature to provide your users with. More info.....




Slideshow object

The slideshow object allows you to incorporate an image slideshow into your application. with beautiful transition effects with and full actions.

Download example




Combo Box object

When you want to present a list of items, but need to do it in a compact and efficient manner, the combobox object is your best choice.
A ComboBox displays a text box combined with a ListBox, which enables the user to select items from the list more info...

 Download example




List Box object

When you want to present a list of items in one place in a scrollable area. For example, you could display a list of song titles (so the user could choose a song to play). the Listbox is your best choice.




Controls interactive
Now you can set object properties from another object for example when click on button you can change text object, load new picture in image object, load media file in windows media player.

Interact with web browser, media player, pdf viewer, flash movie, text box, image controls, label, slideshow, youtube. Download example




Page Templates

New feature in My Autoplay Pro page templates, now you can create the page one time only and save it to your pages library and load it in any another project.




Button List

My Autoplay Pro come with huge number of ready to use button, also you can create your special button.




More Secure (now all project files will save in mayautply.dat file)

Now in My Autoplay 9.0 we separated the project files and output project.

All project files will save in mayautply.dat file in output project, output project impossible to reopen again.



Improvement in editor and Run-time file now more faster

Minor bugs fixed


New features in Version 8.6 (Released 01-01-2010)

1- Added Page Transitions effect.


New features in Version 8.5 (Released 25-05-2009)


1- Add YouTube Flash Video control
Play YouTube Flash Video Online in your AutoPlay menu with Live Connection!

2- Add Windows Media Player control
Play Media Files or play Online Media URLs with Live Connection!

3- Add User Templates
Create your own Templates

4- Add Get More Templates(Online)
Download new Templates From

5- Add Form Shadow


6- Add Bring to front and Send to Back

7- Fixed some bugs



New features in Version 8.21 (Released 06-12-2008)


1- Multi-Select: Now you can select multi control by:

  1. Hold down the Ctrl key.

  2. Select the first object.

  3. Select the remaining objects you wish to select them.

  4. Release the Ctrl key.

Or by draw selection rectangle.




2- New button styles: Vista, Visual Studio, AOL, MAC, Outlook2007


3- Image Button: Now you can make button from any image file



4- improvement in editor


5- Fixed some errors



New features in Version 8.1 (Released 27-05-2008)

Add Gallery window: It is helps you add these elements to your menu easily.


Version 8.0 (Released 10-05-2008)

1- Advanced Image control: it is supports full transparency for most
image types, including PNG, GIF, ICO, JPG, CUR, WMF, EMF and 32 bit per pixel bitmaps.

2- Delete page: switch to the page you want to delete it, then click delete page button, current page and all controls on it will be removed, and the page 1 it will be set as current page.

3- Add undo function: Undo (Ctrl+Z) Undo the last action, the maximum number of changes that will be undo-able in My AutoPlay is the last 500 action.

4- Add Copy (Ctrl+C) and Paste (Ctrl+V) function: New in My Autoplay 8.0 you can Copy (Ctrl+C) and Paste (Ctrl+V) any control form page to another or in same page, also you can select the paste location

5- Add Auto-Font installer: If you have used special fonts in your autoplay menu, then you can include the font files in the your menu. Autoplay menu will install them automatically before running. Only copy all your special fonts to fonts folder located in Data folder
Attention : Just add special fonts, don't add system fonts.

6- Add ISO Image Creator: When you finished your project, you can use ISO Image Creator to create a standard iso9660 disc image. This image file contains all files under the project folder and its sub folder, and you can test it with a virtual disc device such as DAEMON Tools.
ISO Image Creator can be launched from menu Tools -> ISO Image Creator.

7- SFX Creator : Create stand-alone executable files and customize the executable file Icon, File version information, Path of extract and Run file after extraction.

With silent mode you can copy files to user computer without any notifications messages.

8- Add Page Transparency: Opacity(only effective on Windows 2000 or later)
Specifies the degree of translucency. The value is between 50 to 255. A value of 50 indicates a completely transparent window. A value of 255 indicates complete opacity.

9- improvement in page duplicate in page duplicate new all page and all page resources will be duplicated.

10- Move Or Resize Controls With Keyboard Arrows buttons: now you can move any control with keyboard arrows only select any control by clicking it then move it with keyboard arrows, also you can resize any control by select it and pressing Shift + Keyboard arrows buttons.

11-improvement in editor
12-Fixed some errors





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