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What's different between My Autoplay and Power AutoPlay Menu Creator?

Windows 7 N Edition Error Run-time error '339':

Component 'wmp.dll' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid

Windows 7 N Edition (Europe Edition), came without Windows Media Player and My Autoplay required Media Player, so you must install Media Feature Pack for Windows 7 N

You can download Media Feature Pack for Windows 7 N from this links:



I have finished the registration of this program, but the nag screen keeps on showing at the beginning of the menus I have created, what shall I do?

You may using *TRIAL VERSION from Power AutoPlay Menu Creator

For security reasons *TRIAL VERSION Not accept Registration Information.

1- You should uninstall any previous version from Power AutoPlay Menu Creator

2- You should download FULL VERSION from the link that we sent it in your order email to accept Registration Information.

3- Install FULL VERSION.

4- Use this Registration Information in your order email

5- Reopen your project in FULL VERSION, and click save button to stop nag screen.

If I've re-formatted my PC,  Is it possible to reinstall the
software without new charges?

Yes you can reinstall the software as you like at any time without any charges, also your registration data is valid for new versions

What different between Power AutoPlay Menu Creator & Power AutoPlay Wizard ?

Power AutoPlay Menu Creator is design tool with it you can create any project you dream it also Power AutoPlay Menu Creator come with many Power control to create your Professional work .

Power AutoPlay Menu Wizard is easy tool to create your autorun CDs, Slide Show CDs, and more without design Power AutoPlay Menu Wizard have 7 templates you select one from it (without Design) it's very useful  to create Autorun CDs and Slide Show CDs.

I have this error when install the program what this error?

The reason of this error may be caused by  another program using this file, to solve this error only click ignore to continue.

Load Previous Project:

I spent 3 hours developing a autorun file I liked, and Saved it before I left the program.
Yet upon my return - there is no saved file to open. Where is the saved file or have I lost all my work?

Method One:

1-Open your project folder
2-Open Data Folder located in your project folder
3-Open sys1 .esr (Save File)

Method Two:

1-Click Open Project button (in TEMPLATES window)
2-Select your project folder
3-Select Data Folder located in your project folder
4-Open sys1 .esr (Save File)

I have a registered version of Power AutoPlay Menu, can I upgrade to the latest version, and how about the price?

You can upgrade to new versions for free, your registration data is valid for new versions. If your registration data is not accepted by new versions, please contact us and get a new one.

How to register?

(show with photos)

 Autorun  works on my computer but not on another one?

Font issue:

If it doesn't run, or gives and error you may use strange font (not one from windows default fonts) this font installed on your computer but it not installed on the another one.

So you must install this font on client's computer or use one from windows default fonts.

AutoPlay disabled:

AutoPlay may be disabled in this computer, if the CD doesn't Autoplay try double clicking on the setup.exe file from the CD.

File missing:

If it doesn't run, or gives and error you may not have all your files copied properly. Make sure you have copied all the DLL files, if you can't view them, then adjust your folder options (from 'Tools' in the menu) to allow viewing of system files.

Can I secure my CD with CD - KEY?

Yes you can secure your CD with 3 methods

1- Password protection (by create single executable file with password protection)
for more information please visit

2- CD-KEY protection (from Project menu > Project Setting > CD - KEY)

3- CD Expiration protection (from Project menu > Project Setting > CD Expiration )

Make a final CD:

I spent 3 hours developing a autorun file I liked, But I can't find instructions as to what to do in order to make a final CD.

After you finish your project, burn the ALL CONTENTS of the Project Folder

 Will Power AutoPlay Menu  work on all versions of Windows?

Yes. Power AutoPlay Menu works on all Win32 platforms including Windows 95, 98, ME, 2K, XP, 2K3, and test on Vista Beta 2 (worked done).

 After I burn to CD I get an error about DLL files!
Try double clicking on the setup.exe file from the CD.
Power AutoPlay Menu  is a stand-alone application but requires the MSVBVM60.DLL, RICHTX32.OCX, MCIWNDX.OCX, Flash.ocx  files to be burnt along with the Autorun.exe file. These files are automatically copied into your Base Folder by Autorun. If you can't view them when you go to burn your CD, then make sure your folder view options are set to allow you to view system files.

 How do I know Power AutoPlay Menu will work for me?

Power AutoPlay Menu is used by tens of thousands of developers around the world. There have been no bug reports or support issues that haven't been solved.

 Everything works fine when I test the CD, but when I burn to CD it doesn't?

There are three cases that would most likely explain this.

* You burnt the Base Folder to the CD-ROM. Make sure you only burn the CONTENTS of the Base Folder and not the base folder itself.
** You are using long filenames for your files and a CD-ROM file format that does not support long filenames. Some older (Win95) computer don't recognize filenames longer than the 8,3 notation (8 characters before the '.', 3 after - e.g. 'thisfile.txt'). Also some CD-ROM file formats don't support long filenames. It is always a good idea to use the 8,3 notation to insure a maximum audience for your project.
*** AutoPlay may be disabled on your machine. To check, select Actions->Check AutoPlay from the menubar on the main AutoRun window.


 Sometimes there are memory allocation problems in Windows 95/98/ME, what's the matter?

Windows 95/98/ME have problem of releasing GDI resources, so if there are too many resources leaks, program can't allocate more. This is a serious bug of Windows 95/98/ME, it can not be fixed by the program. But here are some suggestions to avoid this error.  Don't use too many image controls.

 Can I use the program to produce a menu screen that can be used on a stand-alone dvd player (with a TV)?

No, this program is designed to create autoplay menus for Microsoft Windows system only, it can not create video dvd menus.




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